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JWP is headed by John Warner who ensures that JWP's philosophy of producing innovative creative work is extended to all who are in the need of Film and Photographic Production. John is meticulous and dedicated, and offers clients cost effective solutions that strategically align with their creative ideas. He hand picks the right team, assuring clients of the highest level of service.

John's work has won 11 South African Awards and has been screened at festivals around the world, including Cannes, Berlin, Genova to name but a few. His short film “Note to self” was named as one of the top five South African films in the 2003 Variety International Film Guide. He was invited to the Genova Film Festival in June 2004, where his film was screened, as a representative of the new exciting directing talent that South Africa has to offer.

The UKTV’s Worlds Best Virals show:

Two of director John Warner’s spots were selected. John Warner’s Kauai commercial and his commercial to promote responsible drinking were selected for a show to feature the worlds best Virals.

“He is an amazing talented new voice” – Dr Martin Botha (NFVF)

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